Dose lifes reflection on the media

Does the media reflect real life? Yes when we write scripts we do base them on real life events, in addition to non-fictional productions which still revolve around real life. When we write for any media mediums we write from a real perspective. So Does the media reflect how we live today yes, and no. Sometimes we do add negative to balance out the positive.

This is the last blog on Profanity I hope you all apply these lesson to your life. I will miss providing you all with valuable lessons, so until we cross cyber paths again.
A light recap on what you’ve learn.
The introduction to how cursing beneficial.
History of a bad words.
and Profanity in the media.
Remember dream, walk, talk, success.


Profane quotes

Many great people write or make up quotes, based off of life’s experiences. Quotes can help you out in life, they can help you through hard times and give you good advice on things your not sure about. Quotes are very important to our society, because they in a sense tell about our human experiences. They can also be very entertaining or funny. Today lesson is put that shit in a quote, enjoy cool  profane quotes. Create your own profane quotes ones that really helps you through hard times.

Animals that cuss good

When animals curse it’s funny depending on what they say.  This can be entertaining and at the same time dangerous. Birds cursing can have it’s pro’s and con’s. Let’s say your grandmother is visiting and you’ve had fun all weekend. As soon as your try to introduce the bird to your grandmother the bird goes crazy with dirty talk from you and your lady friend from the night before. Not cool, so this lesson is a pre-caution for what not to say around the wrong ears.

El poetic language

The poetic language

Could profanity be a poetic language like Spanish is the language of love?

When pissed off girls curse in Spanish it seems poetic, like fucked up poetry.

But there are guild lines for how to use the poetic language.

For instances there are rules for speaking Ebonics.

Rules for or guild lines for speaking in tongues, rules for just about anything that requires us to pass down information.

I’m not breaking it down fluent enough, layers of information at your finger clicking tips.

Off-air profanity within the news world

There’s nothing like cursing but the moment that a person curses due to anger or frustration.

Is the moment things can become funny or uncomfortable.

It’s like a volcano erupting with hot melting lava.

It’s overly amusing when its caught on tape and recorded audibly.

Unless your the main enchilada or considered very important to the company that you’re working for I wouldn’t recommend the following.

the use of profanity from a religious standpoint

Today’s lesson is know who to curse in front of because you don’t want to be the less attractive men due to your profanity region. I never thought about profanity in this spectrum of communication. I don’t write blogs for kids nevertheless I do have a unisex reader base and I never took my female readers feelings into consideration. Many questions come to mind with a topic like men and the place of profane language. Better yet men shouldn’t curse in front of women or kids even if their the parents of the children. I’m comfortable saying I type profane language so I’m good. However just typed words for thought.—-

Some parents cuss and some don’t

Some parents choose to curse and some choose to keep it like Will Smith.

My take on parents that use ugly language around their kids is shit their they’re kids.

My family used profane vocabulary around us as kids and we all curse today.

If we don’t want kids to curse we shouldn’t use profanity around them.

Something like if they don’t know it won’t hurt them.

We only know what were taught.

Never the less everyone has their own opinions about the dilemma at hand.

In the end I’m sure were all right.

Because there’s many ways to get the chicken to the road however it’s the chicken’s choice to cross it.

Today’s lesson is what she said.