Using bad words well

Now that you’ve been applying cursing words to your vocabulary you should have a deep sense of empowerment.  You should also feel stress rolling off your shoulders every time you use fucked up language. With that said take mental notes on how this professional profanity user allocates the proper curse words at the appropriate moments. Like transitional words in the English helping a paragraph become complete. Please openly view the talented TRE M.


Ring me NBA Bitches!

Ok so the Miami Heats are doing their thing on the courts.

The NBA gave them their rings before the tip-off of their game against the Chicago Bulls.

They won the championship in 2006, 2012 and 2013 landing them back to back championship rings.

I’m a Lakers Fan so fuck the Miami Heats but real talk they deserve respect and their rings extra shinny.

It’s a free day so review the words you already know and if you also dislike the Heats say dragon-ball-z-dick.

Lesson for today ” fucking Miami got another ring”

Fuck the police

When ever the police are involved four things are important. Number one when using any kind of sewer language with law enforcement know your rights. Number two don’t brake any laws and or be a criminal. Number three know your Amendments and best of all know your profanity. Number four also know if you say fucked up stuff to the police that a friend is taping the whole thing if wrongfully pulled over.

to-blogs lesson “it’s your call”

Don’t hold your punches

Ok so you might think to yourself cursing isn’t going to help me. Grow up Jay, I’m a Christian we don’t have to use profanity. But your wrong, there are going to be a thousand instances when you will need to refer back to my lessons.

I’ll give you two examples: a certain irritating person is persistent about you  buying a product you don’t need. Or you walk in on your lover cheating on you in your bed. There’s a thousand reasons that can spark the need to brake out some good old cursing. Real talk it helps in many different ways and you keep it G. Which means you tell someone like it is, are you hold no punches. Beyond all this great credibility I inform you more with “to-blogs” lesson.

Todays lesson: “Siete good fucking reasons why

German huevos

If you can curse in German than your really going up the ladder, of badass-ness. Keep this up and you’ll be mixing some tight bad-words that only the select will even understand. Get your note pads out and jot down some words that your comfortable using. Be sure to apply all that you’ve learned while practicing out loud in the mirror. This helps with conviction, which your going to need. Because you still might be in the guilty stages of the becoming a better shit-talker process. When your able to mx two different language then your ready to move on to the next phase of your teaching.

Old-school curse words

Lesson: the oldest nasty words used

How long have we been recycling foul language?

Why dose every nationality create words for the purpose of swearing?

Can we trace back when profanity evolved?

Why hasn’t someone created new curse words?

Why are we still using these words today, what makes them cool or special?

History on the 5 oldest curse words still used today.

After the lesson try to answer the questions, remember theres no right or wrong answer.

yellow curse words

Hottest Facebook profanty

When it comes to Facebook anything goes. Facebook is a place where ex-lovers take time to page stalk each other. A place where family members add lies and gossip it other family members timelines. A place where men are caught cheating because of pictures and comment chemistry with other women. I admire Facebook curse-outs, which brings me to, the most commonly used Facebook naughty words.


facebook fights