Some parents cuss and some don’t

Some parents choose to curse and some choose to keep it like Will Smith.

My take on parents that use ugly language around their kids is shit their they’re kids.

My family used profane vocabulary around us as kids and we all curse today.

If we don’t want kids to curse we shouldn’t use profanity around them.

Something like if they don’t know it won’t hurt them.

We only know what were taught.

Never the less everyone has their own opinions about the dilemma at hand.

In the end I’m sure were all right.

Because there’s many ways to get the chicken to the road however it’s the chicken’s choice to cross it.

Today’s lesson is what she said.


More credibility

This is officially my 25th blog and I still feel like I’m having to support the fact that it’s o.k to use profanity. I’m African-American and because of my background and or social statue you could pre- judge that I’m ignorant. We can also per judge further and say ignorant people like cursing because they don’t know any better. But these per judgement’s aren’t true because educated people curse and I’m certain that a smarter person came up with the concept of curse words. So I introduce more supporting evident about the perks of using profanity. Take the do’s and don’ts with the giving subject matter. Then decide whether a potty mouth is the thing for you to utilize in your life, your blogs or what ever you will apply it to.

Using bad words well

Now that you’ve been applying cursing words to your vocabulary you should have a deep sense of empowerment.  You should also feel stress rolling off your shoulders every time you use fucked up language. With that said take mental notes on how this professional profanity user allocates the proper curse words at the appropriate moments. Like transitional words in the English helping a paragraph become complete. Please openly view the talented TRE M.