Fuck it were live!

Everyone watches the local news, for current events and just to be informed on whats going on, in the world. I’ve never thought to myself, is someone going to use profanity on the news today.  People don’t plan on using profanity it just happens.


Foul language in cartoons

Anything animated that utilizes the use of profanity is tight. South Park, is a good example because it’s funny and over the top. Few other shows or writers  go against the grain like the writers for South Park. Fuck the world this shit is comical.

“Things black girls say” (Bitch)

Through the process of life I’ve noticed, that black girls have hidden rules.  Double standards or biased ways of viewing things. For example when a man calls a girl the Bitch, she’s angry and offended. But when her home girl calls her the b- bomb it’s fine. It’s like some term of endearment. Then in the same breath it can be used as a way to disrespect another girl, she doesn’t like. Small word multipurpose, powerful, yet confusing to me, but this is what I mean.

Mom’s who talk shit

I still get thrilled to hear mom’s fucking curse. When I was younger, my mom cursed us out in creative ways. Today I know my mom got her fucked up mouth because of her mother. So I would like to give thanks to my mom, because I get off a lot of stress simply by cursing regularly. I still remember some of the creative things my mom came up with. Here’s a good example of the type of shit my mom says.

History of a Bad word

Who the fuck came up with the first bad word? Did cavemen curse? Did someone start the trend, because they just hit their little toe on a rock. If bad words aren’t good to use, why do we pass them down to the next members of the family tree.  Have you ever wonder where bad words come from? me too. Let’s uncover an introduction about
of profanity.