the use of profanity from a religious standpoint

Today’s lesson is know who to curse in front of because you don’t want to be the less attractive men due to your profanity region. I never thought about profanity in this spectrum of communication. I don’t write blogs for kids nevertheless I do have a unisex reader base and I never took my female readers feelings into consideration. Many questions come to mind with a topic like men and the place of profane language. Better yet men shouldn’t curse in front of women or kids even if their the parents of the children. I’m comfortable saying I type profane language so I’m good. However just typed words for thought.—-


Using bad words well

Now that you’ve been applying cursing words to your vocabulary you should have a deep sense of empowerment.  You should also feel stress rolling off your shoulders every time you use fucked up language. With that said take mental notes on how this professional profanity user allocates the proper curse words at the appropriate moments. Like transitional words in the English helping a paragraph become complete. Please openly view the talented TRE M.