Learn while you play

I fucking love when a creator for a video game goes all the way live and lets consumers have it with the open use of profane words. While I’m playing my favorite game I can also brush up on some cool bad words, this is only possible in today’s society. Hopefully it’s some shit I’ve never heard before and I’m totally token by the usage. Promoting me to use the word as soon as possible and practice it within my vocabulary immediately.  It’s truly taking gaming to the next level I think it’s cool for our video games to stretch reality and add a real life element to the gaming experience. We use curse words in most of our experiences as humans. When a video game reflects how we live with the use of language scene and clothes it helps provide a time line to how we were living at the time. Today’s lesson think about games you have that have profanity in them and how you felt when you first heard the language. Apply anything cool you hear from the supportive link have fun.