Profanity in Drakes new album

Drake’s a high selling recording artist that uses profanity in most of his new album material. The song is called Worse Behavior, and it’s riddled in curse words. I enjoy when rappers use profanity and put together two different copies of the same song edited. However I like to listen to both copies to see how they changed the words. Sometimes they leave the words and have an editor sensor them out. When I record music I just do a dirty version, but now I’m going to try this professional way of recording with a clean and dirty version. I’ve embedded the lyrics with the video so you can feel the effects of profanity in music.


Profanity used in scripts

I’m a jack of all trades some stronger than others. I’m currently working on scripts and since I love to use dirty words, I wonder if I’ll be token seriously. Today’s lesson is fuck what others say, do what feels right. In today’s society it’s common for most professional people to be scared to take a chance on anything new. This means the world is perfectly fine with watching hearing and buying the same entertainment or products. So remember many people will put you down but if you’re cool and hold your ground you can change the game. By producing a new avenue.

Use @ you’re own expense

Pick your battles wisely. You can use profanity at the wrong times. For example if your teaching a bunch of kids that you didn’t help make or give birth to, that could be a bad move. Let’s say you’re a substitute teacher it’s not smart to use profanity around the kids. Let’s say you’re a preacher it would be dumb to curse in church. So there are some instances when you can’t use profanity. The lesson for today is using your brain before you pop off at the mouth using your freedom of speech.

Don’t you hate

Ok I remember being a kid then being a teenager then being an adult. So over the course of my life I’ve heard things like 20’s the new 30. Now a days the new thing to say or use for example is the #teamStud or #teamCB. Which takes me back down memorie lane, in high school everyone said don’t you hate. Then everyone would be like yeah I hate it when my I have homework on a weekend. Or your friend walks up to you and say’s don’t you hate when other matherfucker be all in your mouth. Lesson for today why is some profanity spelled differently than we say or pronounce it. For example mother- fucker is spelled correct but is pronounced mother- fucka. So pay attention to things like that because when texting you could look like a beginner. Don’t you hate when.

Why say it when you can sign it

It’s one thing to be fluent in profanity. But when you can curse in sign you’ve really up-ed the Annie. Your officially a total bad-ass. From a professional cursors perspective your ready for anything. If you want to use other languages then your cool but the biggest accomplishment is being able to use American street signing. So enjoy.

Use Russian

Be ready to get your repeat on with this next lesson. I want you to try this verbal exercise with passion. Mix American and Russian words together and use them on a friend and see if they know what you’re calling them. Then if you ever travel and go to Russia you’ll be prepared and ready for anything. Because knowing how to curse people out in any language can save your life. The more the merrier. Study long study strong.

Learn while you play

I fucking love when a creator for a video game goes all the way live and lets consumers have it with the open use of profane words. While I’m playing my favorite game I can also brush up on some cool bad words, this is only possible in today’s society. Hopefully it’s some shit I’ve never heard before and I’m totally token by the usage. Promoting me to use the word as soon as possible and practice it within my vocabulary immediately.  It’s truly taking gaming to the next level I think it’s cool for our video games to stretch reality and add a real life element to the gaming experience. We use curse words in most of our experiences as humans. When a video game reflects how we live with the use of language scene and clothes it helps provide a time line to how we were living at the time. Today’s lesson think about games you have that have profanity in them and how you felt when you first heard the language. Apply anything cool you hear from the supportive link have fun.