Don’t you hate

Ok I remember being a kid then being a teenager then being an adult. So over the course of my life I’ve heard things like 20’s the new 30. Now a days the new thing to say or use for example is the #teamStud or #teamCB. Which takes me back down memorie lane, in high school everyone said don’t you hate. Then everyone would be like yeah I hate it when my I have homework on a weekend. Or your friend walks up to you and say’s don’t you hate when other matherfucker be all in your mouth. Lesson for today why is some profanity spelled differently than we say or pronounce it. For example mother- fucker is spelled correct but is pronounced mother- fucka. So pay attention to things like that because when texting you could look like a beginner. Don’t you hate when.


Fuck the police

When ever the police are involved four things are important. Number one when using any kind of sewer language with law enforcement know your rights. Number two don’t brake any laws and or be a criminal. Number three know your Amendments and best of all know your profanity. Number four also know if you say fucked up stuff to the police that a friend is taping the whole thing if wrongfully pulled over.

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